August 27, 2004

Techweb > News > Windows XP Service Pack 2 security > Microsoft: Hackers Wouldn't Bother To Spoof SP2's Security Center > August 26, 2004

In response to finding that any program running on Windows can turn spoof the results of whether there is a wirewall or antivirus program running on windows Microsoft said “Criminal actions the attacker could pursue include many that are far more interesting than spoofing the Windows Security Center,” the joy of 'trustworthy computing' an enormous hole is found within days of the release of the cornerstone of Microsofts claim to better security. Their answer? Ignore it, it doesn't matter there are much bigger holes out there. Yes I really feel reassured now. This is from a patch that was primarily designed, and marketed, to plug all the security holes in Microsofts software.

August 17, 2004

Predicting the Olympics

PricewaterhouseCoopers have a model for predicting the total medal tally of each nation compeating in the games. Apparantly great Britian should get 25, just ahead of North Korea.

August 16, 2004

BBC NEWS | Politics | Watchdog's Big Brother UK warning

Yet another attempt by the Minister for Fascism to introduce ID cards. This time hook them young, I wonder how long until he starts to say how this will protect kids from peadophiles?

The other big selling point of ID cards is protection from terrorism. There has not been a terrorist incident in this country for years. ID cards where not needed to combat the IRA, so why are they needed now to combat these so far nonexistent terrorists? There are only a few thousand illegal immigrants each year, and crime figures are falling year on year. Under current UK law if ID cards are introduced not carrying one will be an arrestable offence. Given the results of the current "stop and search" tactics we will find that it is being used disproportionally against ethnic minorities. Are we going to alienate further a large proportion of the population further to combat some nonexistent fears whipped up by the tabloid press?

August 11, 2004

The first real mobile tojans

It was predicatble that after it was shown possible malicious software for mobiles would start to show up. Well it has, first for Windows Pocket PC, then a few days later for Symbian. The Symbian one is obviously more dangerous as the operating system is much more wide spread, however this is interesting that it appeared after the Windows trojan as the much greater market penertration makes symbian a much better target.

August 06, 2004

What is a Capability, Anyway?

An explanation of Capabilities a system control idea. Everything in the system is considered a locked object. A capability is the key to unlock a particular object. Each program is handed a set of capabilities of the objects it needs to communicate with so it can communicate with them and nothing else as it cannot unlock anything else.

August 04, 2004

fantastic image

Just found this amazing image

August 03, 2004

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US terror plot intelligence 'old'

Suddenly when his presidencial rival John Kerry appears to have finally have had his personallity installed and gets a large poll boast so that they are riding kneck and kneck new intelligence is descovered that Al Qaeda is planning attacks on New York and Washington. Except that it turns out that this "new" intelligence is actually up to three years old with the newest collected in January. It is not known if this plan is even still active. Could this be a little desperation from Mr President?

The Sniper Yagi

The Sniper Yagi perfect for logging onto someone elses WiFi network at a range of up to 10 miles.

August 02, 2004

ID cards: a bad idea, but we'll do it anyway

The register is continuing their coverage of the national ID cards, despite being expensive, likely to fail given any conceivable criteria, solving no conseivable problems, especially problems relating to terrorism, and radically changing the relationship between citizen and state the Minister for Fascism has decided to push this down the throats of the general public. This is like a driving license, which is related to the fact that I have gained the skills required to pilot a ton of mechanised death at speeds the human nervous system did not evolve to deal with. It would be a license to be me, extending the "driving while Black" laws to doing anything, anywhere, whilst being anyone as an arrestable offence.